[145] Growing up


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watching Friends really makes me excited for what’s in store for my future with my own friends. Will it be the same group of people I’m with now or will it be with others wherever I decide to live at? Who will get married first? The first babies? What will their careers be? Everything!

Right now, we’re all in the transitioning phase from being teens to being full fledged adults. Most of us are in college. Some of us have jobs in between, others still haven’t had a proper paycheck. It’s all so nerve wracking yet exhilarating!

Ugh I can’t wait until all of our lives unfold. And even if I’m no longer in someone’s life for whatever reason, whether it be lack of communication, a falling out, or a combination of both, I’ll still be immensely excited for them. Having grown up with my friends for such a long time has got me super attached to them. But at the same time, having grown as a person, I am able to happily let them go if they so need be. Who am I to stop them from realizing their full potential but needlessly hanging on, right? We’ll know when the time is right.


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