男&女 (Un Homme et Une Femme)
Yiruma — Love Scene
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Yiruma - 男&女 (Un Homme et Une Femme)

Whenever I listen to this piece, I always think of a 1940’s couple dancing at a ball or some kind of fancy event. They sensually gaze into each other’s eyes while waltzing the entire contents of the building without a care of who else may be in the room, because for this moment in time, it’s just the two of them. They then proceed to have a few drinks and converse with their friends but they eventually get bored of foreign company and decide to sneak out and head back home. Once passed the door, they’re passionately kissing and heading to the bedroom. And then… you know what happens next. But it’s not a simple done and gone kind of thing; they make love all through the night, until the sun rises and they must start a new day. But before they do, they lay in bed a while longer, sharing a cup of coffee, dreading the moment when they’re forced to be apart for the duration of the day. Longing for the day’s end when they can once again be in each others’ arms. They’re madly in love you see.

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